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INTECH KOREA Co., Ltd. is a leading company in weighing technology with abundant know-how accumulated in precision weighing field for 20 years. Based on accumulated technology, we have commercialized the world’s first multi-stick product checkweigher and high accuracy pharmaceutical star wheel checkweigher. We always try our best to make the best products, and we will do our best to make products that are always satisfied with the highest priority of trust with our customers. INTECH KOREA Co., Ltd will continue to develop products that will lead the future without staying in the present.

It is an improved product for high precision weighing of stick pack products. It reduces the shock from packaging machine’s discharge and improves weighing accuracy. This machine can provide feedback system, which is a support system that the amount of filling automatically adjusts weight by sending individual weight data to packaging machine.

Thanks to the full brush density the spiral roller brushes have a long lifespan. These brushes are produced in two basic designs: single and double band.

It is a device that can be easily applied to existing lines without cutting the conveying conveyor. The device that measures accurate weighing through primary(empty), secondary (net weight) weighing and also the load cell located under the wheel to minimize the external factors affecting the weighing and weighing with high accuracy.

It is a device improved to accurately measure small bottles that are difficult to transport through star wheel and easily applied to existing lines by placing the wheel on the existing production line.

It is a device that can weigh individual products by providing an opening to spread the space between sasset products. Supports a feedback system that automatically transfers the weight of the product by sending individual weight data to the packaging machine. Simultaneous weighing is possible through the multi-lane checkweigher such as 2lane, 4lane, 6lane.

The controller and weighing part are separated, saving installation space and providing a variety of multilane such as 10.4 “wide color touch screen, conveyor type, impeller type.

It is a device that implements high-speed high-precision weighing by continuous weighing method. It has 10.4-inch display it is easy to operate equipment with touch pad method and easy to back up data with USB. We provide the appropriate screening method for each product.

It is the equipment to measure the product packed in large capacity. It has 10.4-inch display it is easy to operate equipment with touch pad method and easy to back up data with USB. The conveyor of the sorting section is made of roller to facilitate sorting.

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