industrial and technical brushes

Examples of applications in Pharmaceuticals & cosmetic industry are directing and guiding pills, inserting pills in drums, labelling medicine bottles and many more. If you need help solving your problem, please contact our sales team.

The Quick Snap brushes are single brush parts used for creating a roller brush. The brush parts can be jointed seamlessly, which results in an even brush surface.

Thanks to the full brush density the spiral roller brushes have a long lifespan. These brushes are produced in two basic designs: single and double band.

Brush laths are stocks which have bristles tufted in to them, which can be produced in many different profiles and shapes.

Because of the many different combinations of material, filling and density, the tufted roller brushes can be a solution for almost everything.

The split core brushes are a flexible execution of the tufted roller brushes. Two split cores can be mounted on your brush core without dismantling the core.

Our antistatic brushes are frequently used in copy machines, ATM’s, cutting machines, printing press, laminating machines and paper cardboard manufacturing.

The Quick Seal brushes are a flexible version of the strip brushes and brush laths. Because of its flexible tufted profile, it can be used almost anywhere.

Brush plates are a widely used product with many possibilities for different applications, like supporting, guiding, transporting, cleaning and pressing.

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