equipment for grinding, mixing and treatment of solids

Nuova Guseo’s wide range of production includes a set of equipment for grinding, mixing and treatment of the solids in general, designed and built for specific applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic as well as mining fields.

Product Range

The cone mill CM series is part of the high quality product range developed by NUOVA GUSEO over the years, in the field of the particle size reduction of the solid forms, for various areas of application.

Of all size reduction equipment, hammer mills are more widely used than any other to grind minerals and fodder.

Purposely designed to meet extreme fineness requirements these mills offer the possibility to obtain particles typically below 5 microns.

The isolation technology in recent years is playing a role of growing importance to treat substance and / or develop molecules with high activity and toxicity (API – HAPI)

Mixers’ series “MG RB” and “MG TS”, respectively single and double shaft, are horizontal type and suitable for continuous operation.

The vertical mixers are widely used for several applications in: chemical, pharmaceutical, foodstuff, fodder and mining industries.

The screw conveyor is one of the most simple and practical means of transport of solid material. This is an extremely versatile device that allows its use in the most diverse industrial sectors.

The feeding units series “DS” are used in many sectors, such as food, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals.

The weighing and bag-filling units NUOVA GUSEO are as simple as reliable equipment. The unit consists of a tank or hopper…

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