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Stokes was founded in Philadelphia (Circa 1895) and is one of the most recognized and respected names in the tablet press industry. Stokes was first to introduce an automatic single punch tablet press, the rotary tablet press, multi-layer tablet press as well as many other innovative advancements over the many decades in business. The Stokes brand name and intellectual property are owned by CCS.

Durable single sided, high speed tablet press machine with two pre-compression stations to convert the press for bi-layer tablet production.

Double sided high speed tablet press with pre-compression and can be offered as a bi-layer machine.

The leading heavy-duty, high-speed compacting press. Dependable, long term operation with very low maintenance costs.

Heavy duty construction, 15 ton double sided machine with 17 stations.

High performance tablet press for producing compacts up to 7/16” diameter.

Heavy-duty 15 Ton rotary press designed for double-sided operation. Optional 20 ton force is available.

Heavy-duty rotary press designed for single sided operations with a maximum of 23 tooling stations.

Our line of 12-ton single-sided rotary presses designed for compacting a wide range of shapes.

A heavy-duty press with a two-piece rotary head that provides clean operations and good tablet quality.

The Stokes Model 511 is ideally suited for research and development, pilot, batch runs, and small production.

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